Math Joke


Find x

Before learning calculus, I know that fact that \frac{d}{dx} x = 1. Some body asked \frac{d}{dx} x*x, my deduction is \frac{d}{dx} x*x = \frac{1}{x} x*x = x.

There are a lot more.

5 回應 to “Math Joke”

  1. Yun Says:

    Haha! I had seen these “jokes" before. Actually, I think they were actual student papers. (?) Some of them were quite creative.

  2. gordon Says:

    超正 XD

  3. Justin Says:

    Yun: They are really thinking out of the box!!!!

    Gordon: Yeah!

  4. TK Says:

    佢地用graphic sense 去solve math problem 喎


  5. Learning_Forest Says:

    I like that wiz…
    funny n creative…


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