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Yesterday Jobs has announced Apple’s new sub-notebook, MacBook Air. Everything that could be made wireless is now made wireless. Regarding the ports, I guess there will be one more move. Why don’t the USB port provide video output? like, with a dongle? And the dongle can actually be a usb hub that provide one (or more) usb port that connect to other devices. Power is not a problem, because the monitor is not going to draw any power from usb, so now, again, one port less.

Actually, I don’t think macbook air is a big surprise. Apple has discontinued their 12″ sub-notebook line since their transition to Intel, everyone were expecting a new super slim laptop from Apple.

The media is now overwhelmed by this super slim machine, however I think that the storage device will make a greater impact to the world. KK has the point. The more important product is the Time Capsule, the machine that do all the storage work automatically (though currently, it is only a backup device). As currently the network speed is getting tremendously fast, it only takes a few minutes to download a HD movie from the net, documents and photos could be stored online. For a portable machine, all we need is a hard drive with reasonable size, that could fit the operating system, some essential files, a few movies and dozens of mp3s. All else could be retrieved from the net (or from any personnel storage device that accessible from the net).

Google is one of the pioneers in this aspect, as all documents and spreadsheets and photos (WebPicasa sucks, though) could go online, all we need is a web-browser. Hard drives are cheap, storage is technically free. We all get a free gmail account with an almost unlimited space. Paying like a few bucks a year and you will get a unlimited web storage space. Yet, here is a privacy concern. One has the admin privilege in gmail has access to all mails, so as in all web storage service. We have no way to tell if someone has read our email or documents. Hence a personal storage device (a “Data Box" in your home) is a good and reasonable alternative.

Money cafe insisted that MBA pose a treat to the hard drive manufacturer. I don’t agree with this. Movies are getting higher resolution, so as our digital cameras. We need to store it in anyway, either in a public web space or personal hard drive. More importantly, for those who is afraid of the Big Brothers, they are inclined to have a personal storage place, so I guess one of the next move will be, as KK mentioned, an easy-to-use “Data box".

MBA is fabulous, but expected, not a great suprise. I do look forward to see what moves Jobs will make in the storage device.


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  1. Justin Says:


  2. Yun Says:

    No, I read it lah. I was going to leave comment, but forgot.

    I’m actually surprised that you are a MAC person!! I have never owned a MAC, but I think my next machine will be one.

    I’m not too hot about the Macbook Air though.

    And yes, WebPicasa sucks. I always wonder, what would it be like if Google acquired flickr instead! It’s unfortunate that they didn’t. But again, though I don’t like monopolies but I do like convenience. A dilemma.

  3. Justin Says:

    Haha, i am a 19months old mac ppl~

    mac is good, coz i can run unix app on it~~

    get a mac la~~ and you won’t go back to windows!!!

    yet there is another greater dilemma for me, privacy vs convenience! seems like now google has access to all information in the world, they can be the new big brother!@@!



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