All about the photos


This is the first time in my life realizing the advantage of being handsome.

Being an ordinary male, most of them, but not all, are my dream girls. I can do anything to attain anyone of them, especially Chung. But, the handsome Chan can take all! The world has never been fair.

Being an ordinary male, I constantly surf the web with single hand and search for good photos, I have seen more than enough similar victims, some were drunk and (half) naked, some were conscious and showing their organs, some photos were taken by a hidden carmer. Yes, I know, one victim is already too many. This issue is not unprecedented, it has been happening since the digital camera gained its popularity. What makes this such an serious offense that could involves the Interpol?

I agree this is an serious offense, at least, without the subject’s approval, it is morally wrong to put their naked photo in a public place. The question is what on earth make Chung and Cheung so prominent and privileged that makes the police put so much effort on it? What if they are not singer, but a layman, go to the police station and say that report that her photos are unapprovingly published on the web, how much police force will be spent on this one single tiny plain case?

The only thing I concern is if the government will pose any law to monitor the net.

And, be ware of all other news coming out in this week.

I totally agree with Suen that now it is a great chance for the PRs, actually, not only in the entertainment industry, but also in any aspects.

In Aug 2006, Ho, the law maker, was assaulted in a McDonald’s in central, this was the most offensive act towards a law maker in recent years. The case quickly became the main issue of the city, and it imposed a great pressure on the government and the police force. It was far more than assault, it involved a lot of politics, and part of the case was outside the jurisdiction of Hong Kong.

However, two days later, there was another more stunning and attracting issue, a magazine published a series of photos which were taken when she was changing. All of a sudden, the focus of conversation shifted to Chung, and from that point, Ho’s case got a very low attention.

Great to see that today Au’s case defeats Chan’s and appears in the headline of a number of newspapers.

This week, we should would pay more attention to other buried news.

Thanks for reading until this line. These days there are too many people reach here by searching Chung and Chan’s name. I intentionally use my poor English.

11 回應 to “All about the photos”

  1. C.M. Says:

    For those buried “news", let’s flip back to the pages one and two days ago.

  2. Kris Says:

    You intentionally use your English or You just can’t type Chinese? 🙂

    There are too many news nowadays. Andy Warhol said “Everybody got 15 minutes of fame", so there are less space for other news, haha.

  3. log0 Says:

    Everyone is equal, but some people are more equal than the others.

    That is why they deserve more attention. So? It is much like if you’re a prominent gastronome, you will probably be welcomed with unparalleled service, and of course your be served with unmatched attention of the staff.

    So by analogy, that is why they get so much attention.

  4. 米搞 Says:




  5. et Says:


  6. sky Says:

    “These days there are too many people reach here by searching Chung and Chan’s name. "

    I hope you are not spying on me. 😛

    First time to leave a comment here. But I thought this is important! Girls, look out, never date someone good looking! Never feel so good about being an average (or below, depends) looking dude!

  7. log0 Says:

    Justin, check it out. They have a scapegoat.

    If people think they are innocent and bash the unlucky, I am sure these people will panic should the day the unlucky roulette picks on them comes.

    We must educate our friends to be wary of the hidden traps.

  8. 熊貓王 Says:

    Just think about how many guys holding up and down their “joysticks" in front of the photos of Cheung, Chan and Chung, you will know that, being a famous beauty has a price.

  9. gordon Says:


    以往都有類似ge事件,但根據新聞講法,睇黎係警方收到有人報案先會做野,咁以往d case查成點真係冇人知,處理手法或者都係一樣…講返國際刑警呢樣,咁又由於事件中人物係公眾人物,背後牽涉到其他好多"公眾"利益問題,處理上有可能有"需要"調整,所以好難講ge

  10. Justin Says:

    CM: 邊份報紙先?

    Kris: One week before, there were too many ppl come to this site by searching chan’s and chung’s name, they are not my target audience. and i chose to write in english and make them less incentive to read it.

    Log0: And they are also unprecedently “welcomed" by riots on the net~


    et: 所以一直以來都係佢地搵interpol,人地冇彩佢囉。

    sky: there is an report by wordpress stating who is coming from search engines~~

    haha!!! yes, date me date me!!!

    Panda: 佢地實預左。講真,如果冇人咁做,佢地仲驚。

    Gordon: 如果真係有公眾利益,我覺得佢地一定要講清楚係乜野既公眾利益。而家佢地既標準因人而異得好西利,早幾日有個又拍咸帶兼衰十一既都可以保釋,點解貼相既又唔得?


  11. et Says:



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