So now, 3:42am, nearly 13 hours after Eason’s last song, I have just returned to my dormitory. I wanted to leave the casino (the concert was in the casino) as early as possible after the concert, but eventually, it took me 13 hrs to get home!

The Eason Chan ticket costs me $78, that is fine. The bus trip originally cost only $14, but I bought it two days after Greyhound changed the price, and it costs me $19, that is still fine.

The bus schedule is completely dumb, the best schedule I got was arriving the casino 3 hrs before the start of the concert and leave 4 hrs after it ends. It is still fine, before I made the decision of going to the concert, I have already knew these.

I am so pissed that at the scheduled time (6:40pm), I went to the bus terminal, there was no Greyhound bus except one that stated its destination as St. Louis. According to my common sense, St. Louis is not in New England, and I was supposed to take a Boston bus. The St. Louis bus left. I was keep waiting for my bus. 5 minutes had passed. 10 minutes had passed. At 15 minutes, there was a Greyhound coming, I was excited and crowds are moving towards that bus. But eventually I discovered that is a NYC bus! Holy crap! I asked the lady in the ticket office and she said that the St. Louis bus was the one I was supposed to take!!!! WTF?!

She asked me to take the 10:15pm bus and I agreed so as I got no other better choice. The casino is located in a rural area in Connecticut, there is no other public transportation available. I was so hungry since I only had a Caeser salad during lunch, I went to a chinese fastfood shop in the casino. I saw there is “Siu Mei", and I have no “siu mei" for half year, therefore I decided to have my dinner in the chinese fastfood resturant. The cheapest “Siu Mei" was “Char Siu" that cost $8.5, more expensive than china town in boston but it is still not a bad choice, provided that all other food are expensive. The guy in the cashier said that “Char Siu" is only “Char Siu", it does not come with rice. And he asked if I want to order an additional rice, I said yes and discovered a bowl of rice costs $2.5!!! Including tax, that stupid “Char Siu + Rice" meal costs me $11.7!!! Come on! WTF!!! I can buy a dozen of Oysters with $12!!! I was already pissed that I missed that St. Louis bus, and I was pissed again to have a Char Siu Rice with $11.7, luckily, the “Char Siu" was not bad.

I always tried my best to remember the history and make sure it does not repeat. But, indeed, the history repeats! I came to the bus station 15 mins earlier than the scheduled time and made sure that there was no Fu*king greyhound bus in the terminal. Fortunately there was none. I preemptively asked the ticket office lady again when will the bus arrive. Holy crap she said that the bus came 30mins earlier and had left!! OMG!!!

Fu*k that shit what de hell is happening with this fu*king casino with this damn bus line that the bus can leave 30 mins before the scheduled time?!?! so why do you need a schedule?? why are you providing a wrong schedule and giving people wrong hope?? Is this a common practice for all casinos?? Persisting giving wrong hope and wrong expectation??? A Jackpot that you can never win?? A “Char Siu" that does not comes with rice?? A bus that states a random destination?? A schedule that is never accurate??Does the bus company intend to do so in order to maximize the number of people missing the bus and go back to the casino and lose more money?!!?!

Oh, so sorry Mohegan Sun, this never works on me!! I got an A in the probability class and my math is so good in American standard that I know I can never beat the dealer!! I am absofuckalutely not going to play any single dollar in this crappy casino!!!

Afterwards, I waited for another 4 hrs for the 1:55am bus. At 1:52am, a Boston bus came and I said goodbye to this shitty Mohegan Sun!!!

I am totally pissed off today!!!! by both the casino and the bus company!!!


9 回應 to “Pissed.”

  1. Emily Says:

    um… I can say… Greyhound bus always has poor schedule, even though you get in the bus at the originating stop, it can be late for two hours =.=
    And when you read the Greyhound ticket or website, it asked you to arrive the terminal 1 hr before the schedule instead of just 15 mins.

  2. 癲狗 Says:

    lol~ greyhound reli sucks!

  3. Yun Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You poor thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, I can’t help but laughing too…)

    Maybe time to get a car! 😛

    You must love Eason Chan soooooo much.

  4. Leon Says:


  5. Alex Says:

    Wow poor experience… Hope that the Eason concert was good though 😛

  6. 火鶴 Says:

    Welcome to America!

  7. 米搞 Says:

    I thought you have a car?!?!

  8. Lady Cat Says:

    Spent of time and money for entertainment , did it worth? Where your money came from? Just wondering only ^^

  9. Justin Says:

    Emily: really?? I thought i was saying that if i hv ordered the ticket online, i need to arrive 1 hrs before the time……

    癲狗:101% agree!

    Yun: I like eason very very much!!!

    Leon: 係超慘。

    Alex: His concert was not as good as anticipated.

    Fire Crane: !!!

    米搞: the reason for not getting a car is I can stuck in the place i live and focus on research…

    Lady Cat: I would say not that worth, but i will regret if i dun come.

    My parents pay for it~



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