Some updates…


write a few words to show that i am still alive.

damn busy. hv a paper deadline in Apr30, the largest conference in my community. if i were lucky enough, will go to Portugal in Sept ( probably will spend a week in London afterwards… haha!). Writing a good and easy-to-comprehend paper is not easy though.

hvn’t been writing anything other than program or papers for more than a week. sometimes i write a lot and not publish all to leave me some buffers for my busy time. obviously my buffer is almost emptied.

hvn’t completed any single book for 2 months. although i keep reading lots of book review and ordering 2-3 books from amazon biweekly, not including those chinese books from Lui. hv started 小團圓, but Zhang’s book is not a bedtime novel, find it hard to follow the story after an exhausted day. there is a big pile of unread books on my desk now. feel pretty bad about this, coz w/o reading, i dun hv new idea.

one great thing in the that i wrote > 18000 lines of c++ code within 4 weeks (include a couple of days in hawaii), the performance is pretty good, i am happy with that.

more importantly, CY Kong has updated his page about the Eason’s HHHM album too. pretty interesting. also interesting to compare what he mentioned a month ago with the current page.

hopefully life will become better after the paper deadline.

2 回應 to “Some updates…”

  1. cr Says:

    good luck for both writing up your paper and for the acceptance of it! i feel your pain. hang in there. =)

  2. 強記小廚 Says:



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