我看未必。看見國內網民的其中一個反應是:「大檸樂,沒有Google,也就沒有gmail,youtube,picasa,google reader⋯⋯,以後就麻煩了⋯⋯」看見不少留言,都說「損失的是中國網民」。




再加上,在公開信上Google都給自己留了條後路:"…so over the next few weeks we will be discussing with the Chinese government the basis on which we could operate an unfiltered search engine within the law, if at all." 關鍵字是"within the law",記住,在中國,言論審查是within the law的。


6 回應 to “Google威脅北京?!”

  1. tintinbright Says:

    Good catch :)… i like the wording ‘if at all’ … after all, business is part of politics and vice versa

  2. 黑人 Says:

    我覺得主要是抗議百度偷他們的resource 偷得太過份了
    另外就是太多hacker 搞搞震

  3. C Says:

    Youtube and Picasa has been censored in China for years. I don’t think the replay you see is from typical mainland netizen. is also partially censored in China. Cache, video, group and many other services are censored as I recall. The China version of search is or The results are quite different, especially on certain key words.

    In many ways, censorship is getting tougher in 2009; the technology becomes more sophisticated and not only serves the pure purpose of politics any more. For your record, facebook and flickr is censored; imdb is recently censored. No one knows the reason. Many people also consider the recent shutdown of many video sharing websites as an ransom for money.

    “在中國,言論審查是within the law的。" Which law? If it is law, you know where you can appeal to. A feature of censorship is that it is under table. It is not even very clear which government branch operates the GFW.

  4. 有了基本的支持者,谷歌才有籌碼和中國政府傾。


  5. hwang Says:

    I agree with “C" and “just little" . There’s no 威脅 to be done if there’s no leverage. So your whole thesis has no ground. I can see why most people who come out and defend China (not for its policy). It’s because Google is putting themself on a moral high ground and implying that China is on the opposite. I don’t like that implication either. However it’s the truth.

    Many defenders cite “abide by the law" or “rule", but they don’t say “abide by the censorship rule" or “abide by the rule to turn in political dissidents" .

    Other defenders would say “Other country have censorship, France, England, America patriot-act" as if to say “everyone does it so you have nothing to complain". If you say to the police officer “I was going 100 miles/hr because eveyone was", you will still get a ticket and guess what you just admitted to your guilt.

  6. Justin Says:

    Maybe I am wrong. Now I think that is google’s action is more of an exit strategy than trying to bargain with the Chinese government.

    These two weeks seems like both parties keep silent, I was hoping there will be some smart and sophisticated interactions between them.

    Let see….


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