This doctoral degree is to some extent an unintended consequence for someone who is impatient and earned poor grades in college. For me, the main reason for going to graduate school abroad was the genuine sibling rivalry among my high-achieving cousins Avan and Fiona, and brother Austin. I came to Brown as a master’s student four years ago, with the hope of getting a decent job in the Silicon Valley after graduation. Under Pascal’s excellent guidance, I discovered that conducting research is fun and stimulating, and that pursuing a doctoral degree is more straightforward than I had anticipated. I have been granted the luxury of focusing on a single task and have been sheltered from a lot of external pressures. These years have been the most exciting time of my life to date.

I would like wholeheartedly to thank Pascal, who encouraged me to pursue a doctoral degree and enlightened me to focus on one goal at a time (which resulted in failing a class). He has given me much freedom in conducting research, as well as vacations and particularly flexible working hours. I am also grateful for his reassuring guidance and his comments on my Facebook wall during stressful moments, and when I was feeling discouraged.

For me, research in optimization is all about competition. I got ample opportunities to compete with top-notch researchers from all over the world. I wish to thank all my competitors; they are the ones who keep me awake at night, challenge my intellectual limit, push me to work hard and make me stronger. I am also thankful to Jimmy Lee, who gave me a C+ in his constraint programming class, hired me to work in his research group for a year, and recommended me to Brown.

It is grateful to have met a lot of new friends at Brown. The optimization gang: Carleton, Serdar, Yuri, Kevin, Maire, Pierre, and Gregoire. The badminton players: Ohm, Jonah, Jim, Nell, Xu, Minh, See, Jude, Ben, Qile, Xi, Kang, and Steve. My running mates: Olya, Aparna, and Micha. The room-402 crowd: Jesse, Eric, Laura, and Anna. And of course Wenjin, Aggeliki, FengHao, and DeQing, who shared a lot of great moments with me.

I would like to thank my father and mother for their unconditional support in allowing me to achieve my goal in life. And finally, I would like to thank Daisy for being with me, especially during the difficult and stressful times.

Justin Yip @ Providence
May 2011


4 回應 to “Acknowledgements”

  1. 阿仔 Says:


  2. Justin Says:

    of course not.

    my friends helped me out.

  3. 媽媽阿四 Says:


    “I wish to thank all my competitors"--哈哈,絕對像是你啊。


  4. Justin Says:




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